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The company KORAD Radiators s.r.o. manufactures and supply radiators to Slovakia and 15 countries around the world. Company is located at U.S. Steel Košice area. The production of panel radiators in Košice has a long tradition. The beginnings of radiator production date back to 1968.


We offer a wide selection of steel panel radiators for water heating systems. Radiators can be used in systems with a central or individual heat source.

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    Radiators production

    The basic technology step in the production of radiators is stamping of panels from steel sheets of drawing grades. By stamping, two preforms are formed while are later in the technology flow welded together into one panel with spot welds and subsequently they are closed with circumferential seam welds. It is possible to weld convectors on the panels that increase the thermal – transfer area. Finally, by means of spot resistance welds the connecting fittings are welded on radiators. Thus, radiators make up one compact whole. Each produced radiator undergoes a pressure test that guarantees its ability to fulfill its function flawlessly. Dimension inspections and processing quality inspections are continuously performed on products.

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    Surface treatment

    The surface treatment of products consists of three basic steps.


    • chemical pretreatment – degreasing, phosphating
    • 10 – 18 μm cataphoretically applied base paint cured in an oven at 140 °C for 40 minutes
    • 60 – 80 μm electrostatically applied powder paint cured in an oven at 180 °C for 20 minutes

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    Different colors

    Steel panel radiators are standardly produced in the shade RAL 9016. It is possible to choose from 67 color shades on special order. In this way, it is possible to modify all manufactured models, types and dimensions of radiators in the same quality as the standard shade. The warranty is 10 years.

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    Accessories radiators, ie vent plugs and plugs, as well as fastening parts (brackets and backrests) are supplied by the manufacturer on the basis of a special order.

Our vision

Sale and production of radiators is our priority. Our goal is continuous improvement in production logistics and supply for our customers.

Our Team

Who cares about customers?

Ladislav Onderko
Head Sales Manager I
Phone: +421 917 656 870 ladislav.onderko@korad-radiators.sk
Jaroslav Hrebeňár
Head Sales Manager II
Phone: +421 917 704 006 jaroslav.hrebenar@korad-radiators.sk
Ján Seman
Sales Director
Phone: +421 903 609 816 jan.seman@korad-radiators.sk

A brief history of our company


VSŽ Košice

The beginnings of the production of radiators date back to 1968. The first welding lines were delivered by ZEZ Hořice (Czech Republic) and consisted of solo machines connected by conveyors. The production of radiators in the then VSŽ Košice started with the PJ2 type and continued with the PJ3, P4 and P40 types.


VSŽ Košice

The first more powerful automatic welding line was built in 1976 and the supplier was SCHLATTER from Switzerland, as a leader in this field in Europe.



Since 1990, radiators have been manufactured under the KORAD brand (KOšice RADiator). In 1990, another, new fully automatic line from the same supplier was put into operation.


U. S. Steel Košice

Since 2000, the division of radiator production has been owned by U. S. Steel Košice.


U. S. Steel Košice - modernization of the painting line

Two-layer anophoretic painting of radiators was introduced in 1990 with the purchase of the EISENMANN automatic painting line, which was modernized in 2002 to a cataphoretic system for applying the basic layer.


KORAD Radiators s.r.o.

In 2019, KORAD Radiators s.r.o became the new owner of the radiator production plant.

10Years warranty
1500Models of radiators
67Color versions

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KORAD Radiators s.r.o.
Vstupný areál U. S. Steel
044 54 Košice – mestská časť Šaca
Slovak Republic