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Technical parameters of KORAD steel panel radiators fulfill the requirements of the standard EN 442−1. The radiators are certified in accordance with EN 442−1 by a notified body No. ES1015, Strojírenský zkušební ústav, s. p. Brno, Česká republika and based on the issued Declaration on performance they are identified with the CE brand.


The history of panel radiators from Košice is connected with the metallurgical plant VSŽ a.s. , later with its successor U. S. Steel Košice and continues with KORAD Radiators s.r.o.


The production of panel radiators in Košice has a long tradition. The beginnings of radiator production date back to 1968.

Wide selection

We produce panel radiators in several modifications according to the number of panels, convectors, in various dimensions and surface designs. You will make your choice for sure.

We are the largest manufacturer of radiators in Slovakia


10Years warranty
1500Models of radiators
67Color versions
Brand new


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Basic model range of radiators with side 4-point connection and shaped panel with vertical channels. The radiator includes side covers and a top grille.

Plan Kompakt

The smooth front surface makes the classic radiator a design piece that fits into any interior.

Zinc Kompakt

Radiators for environments with relative humidity higher than 60%.


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